Bones to Dust was formed in 2015 by the Darymple brothers, Dave (Dizzy D) and travis (Hair) Darymple. the word around town was spreading quicker then the band could write songs. Bones became one off the house bands in Regina, Saskatchewn and the surrounding area. in 2017 Bones released their debue album "welcome to the valley of sloughter". thanks to their wide range off musical genres they were able to creat a very melodic, havy and fresh updated take on the metal they greew up in one album. Bones are going stonger then ever with their new single "Into the Nightmare" hitting the stores, off of their album "Into Chaos". with electrifying, energetic and ingaging shows they dont show any sign off slowing down. well known to start a moshpit in every type off crowd they will continue to push bownderis and reach for the stars.